Welcome to the website of Till Baumann. Here you will find texts and photos about my/our projects and links to other projects and theatre practitioners.

Most of my work I am not doing on my own. I am part of KURINGA, Paulo Freire Institute Berlin and the Kreativ im Konflikt team.

I work with interactive and dialogical theatre approaches, which invite to critical reflection of reality. Theatre can put into question realities. It can support us in our search for alternatives to the status quo and can be a – beautiful – language, in which we can question what seems to be obvious. Theatre gives us the possibility to rehearse the transformation of reality. My main focus is the Theatre of the Oppressed of the Brazilian theatre practitioner Augusto Boal, that I got to know at the end of the 90s at Centre of Theatre of the Oppressed (CTO-Rio) in Rio de Janeiro.

You can also find me on facebook and you can watch videos on vimeo and youtube.